Climate Change in the American Mind, 2009

Released in March 2009, Climate Change in the American Mind: Americans' Climate Change Beliefs, Attitudes, Policy Preferences, and Actions was based on a nationally representative survey of 2,164 American adults conducted in October 2008. This broad and a deep examination of how Americans are dealing with the issue of global warming yielded an important new perspective. On the whole, the American mind appears to be open to embracing a concerted national effort to address climate change.

In our report Global Warming's Six Americas, 2009, we identify and profile six distinct groups of Americans based on their Climate Change beliefs, attitudes, risk perceptions, policy preferences, behaviors, barriers to action, motivations, and values. We invite you to download and read the full report and the Yale/Mason Six Americas 2009 Questionnaire.

Saving Energy at Home and On the Road: A survey of Americans' energy saving behaviors, intentions, motivations, and barriers is based on a nationally representative survey of over 2,000 Americans. Reducing energy use – including helping American families become more energy-efficient in their homes and travels – is currently near the top of the agenda at every level of government. This report provides an audience-centric perspective on those issues.