Julie Robinson

Affiliate Researcher

Julie is a research scientist cross-trained in marine science and social science theories and methods. A recent graduate of the Bren School (UC Santa Barbara), her interests lie within the overlapping dimensions of sustainability science, environmental education, and communication for change strategies to support environmental problem solving. In addition to her training as a scientist, Julie also has an extensive background in environmental media and is an award-winning writer and television producer/director on projects for PBS, National Geographic, and Jean-Michel Cousteau.

At UC Santa Barbara, Julie co-managed the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Grant-funded project, DigitalOcean: Sampling the Sea, which integrated NOAA’s Ocean Literacy Principles, the National Science Education Standards, and social media components in an online curriculum about sustainable seafood for middle school students. Her dissertation describes the results of designing a unique multi-source model to evaluate students’ use of social media on ocean literacy learning outcomes (related to five environmental education domains: knowledge, attitudes, skills, intention, and efficacy) as well as a process evaluation of the transdisciplinary research project from the perspective of achieving the proposed eight goals outlined by the developers.


BA (1990), University of Arizona, Tucson
PhD (2011), University of California, Santa Barbara

Selected Publications: 

Rice, R. E., & Robinson, J. A. (in press). Transdisciplinary approaches for twenty-first century ocean communication strategies. R. E. Rice & C. K. Atkins (Eds.), Public communication campaigns (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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